STIs with Aaron and Tawhio – True or Gammon – 5 minute video

Aaron Fa’aoso sits down with deadly Aboriginal health practitioner, Tawhio from Tennant Creek, Northern Territory. In 'True or Gammon' style, they answer all your burning questions about STIs.


G’day and welcome to True or Gammon. We are going to answer all your questions. You're burning questions about sexually transmitted infections or STI's? With me is Tawhio, a deadly health worker here in the NT in an expert on STI's When I mean expert, he knows a lot about STI's not that he has a lot of STI, although maybe he has! No, gammon! But anyway, you know what I mean. So Tawhio my first question is true or gammon, STI's are a party you definitely want to get invited to? Whoever told you that is definitely gammon, STI's or sexually transmitted infections are infections that can be passed from person to person through sexual contact. So if sex is a party, STI's are like the Super sneaky party crashes you never knew you had. So like the uninvited guest down below, you could say that. And like uninvited guests, yes, you don't necessarily see STI's coming because some people have no symptoms at all. But the good news is, with a bit of knowledge and care, you can avoid those party crashes altogether. Firstly, practice safe sex. Use a condom. Safe sex is like putting a hat on before heading out. It stops your head from getting burnt. Ah, safe sex, you got it. But what if someone is a little bit clueless about how to do it safely? I mean, I mean, not me, of course. I mean always have safe sex. I mean sex sex sex.. Safe, safe, Safe. I mean, yeah. Any tips? Well, it's important to use condoms. Just keep them handy. We know not everyone is going to use them all of the time, but until you get tested, you should use them. Whether it's with a regular partner, casual hookup, or a friend with benefits. Sex is supposed to be fun, and it's not fun to take big risks with your health. Condoms are easy to use and are the best way to stop you from getting STIs. Is it true? Is it true or gammon though, just for some of us, fellas. Condoms are just way too small. That's definitely gammon. You can actually stretch a condom to fit over your forearm or leg, so anyone who says it won't fit is lying. Yeah, lying. So is it true again that you should regularly get checked for STI's? Even if you're feeling deadly? This is absolutely, 100% true. Think of it like checking over your car before you go on a long trip. Even if everything seems fine, it's good to have a routine check for sexually active adults. Getting tested every six months or when you have a new partner is a smart move, especially as people quite often don't have any symptoms. OK, but what if one of your mates catch you going for a check up, and you know, they might tell someone and they might call you a dirty ****** even if you're not. Wow. I don't know who your friends are, but there's no shame in getting tested for an STI. In fact, you should be proud. You're looking after yourself and your partner or partners. Now let's just say, I mean someone is experiencing some itching or some yucky stuff down there and they were a bit worried. What should they do? Stop having sex until you get tested. So the sooner you get tested, the sooner you can go back to having sex. Reach out to your health worker or doctor, because if you do have an STI, it's important to be treated as soon as possible and testing is really simple. Could be easy as a blood test or a quick urine sample or swab in the clinic toilet. Some clinics do rapid testing too, so you can find out your results on the spot. But what if someone's shame about it? Is it true again that people will point or laugh at them if they get tested? That's not just gammon, that's totally wrong. Our job is to keep it private and make you feel comfortable. We've seen it all before and there's no shame, You know, it's just like yarning with your mate at the footy, except we don't spread gossip. So is it true, or Gammon, that if you do test positive for an STI that your little fella? I mean, in my case, big fella falls off? No, that's Gammon. But STI’s can be serious and can cause everything from itchiness and sores on your genital to hair loss, even blindness, if untreated. So starting treatment right away is really important and depending on the STI it can be as simple as taking some tablets. That's a relief big fella is safe. But I've got one last burning question. Is it true or Gammon, that if you do test positive for an STI that you should tell your partner to pop into the health clinic? Definitely true. Just be honest and open An STI doesn't mean either of you were cheating. You could have gotten the STI long before you two started hooking up and not realised, It's about caring for each other's health. It's all a part of looking out for each other and if you need some help telling someone you've tested positive, you can get your health worker to help. Gotcha. Now let's talk about talking. How do we encourage our mobs to talk about STI without it being shame job? There's absolutely no shame in staying safe.Knowledge is power. Stay informed, practise safe sex and talk openly about STI's. It's all about taking care of ourselves and each other. Nice one Tawhio. Yeah. Now one more last true or gammon? Now, is this the best interview you've ever had? You must be gammon right? Nothing funny, man.

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Tip: It’s important to wear condoms. They are easy to use and the best way to protect you against STIs. True or Gammon?

Some fullas are too big for a condom - that’s GAMMON. 

You can stretch a condom to fit over your leg or forearm – TRUE.

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