Sexually transmissible infections – Beforeplay – Vox Pop 3

This video pop talks about sexual health and encourages healthy conversations with friends and partners.


I'm pretty open about my sort of personal sexual health and I I'm pretty open discussing with friends and family.

I don't have any issues.

I think it's really important that we start to open all channels of discussion cuz it will just be better for everyone in the long run

If you find it Troublesome to talk about your sexual health an easy way to start would be to admit that you feel awkward about with someone because everyone some standard feels awkward

You can find someone you're comfortable with trying to gradually open up that conversation and then through that you can start diving into the deeper topics

Even if not a friend like you can just have like doctor visits you don't have to tell anybody about it a professional can help you figure it


Out I would say someone who hasn't been tested honestly it's a peace of mind and

It's good to get them regularly if you have sexual activity to make sure that you're are continuing to be healthy and to figure out if you're not and to know what to do from there


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