Sexually transmissible infections – Beforeplay – Vox Pop 2

This video pop talks about sexual health and STI statistics.


When I was younger I would have liked to known probably more information about how STI were transmitted.

The main thing would just be knowing more about what it is, what form they can take.

I think if somebody would have told me like further repercussions after it as well.

What to look for and like how to get it sort out if you think you might have STI of some sort


You think STI are a rare thing that happens, not to 1 out of 6 it's a pretty high number

They're a lot more common than people like to believe 

Yeah doesn't surprise me a lot of people would have the view that it's the end of the world but it just isn't especially if you're are sexually active 

It's very integral that you get tested and it should be a discussion that you have with partners


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