Sexually transmissible infections – Beforeplay – Vox Pop 1

This video talks about sexual health and the importance of regular STI testing.


It's definitely important to have sort of national program about sexual health and I think SE testing is something people might not do as often as they should.

I guess most people think they're immune to everything, so sometimes people like take it very lightly. 

I was confused a lot based on how easy is it to catch it or spread it.

I feel like there are still people who are confused about the sexual health things, cuz they feel like it's something that they did wrong and I feel like yeah that should be the one thing that they should remove from their mind.

Anyone, at any time could have NCR. 

It is something that could happen to anyone and it's not a bad thing to get tested.

It's something that for your own health the health of the people you care about.

If you can go to a partner and say I know for a fact that I am completely STI free that that is great and it's attractive as well.




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