Shield yourself from shingles – Gwenda Darling

Gwenda Darling, a proud Palawa woman and a member of the Council for Elders knows firsthand how painful shingles can be. In this video she shares how important it is for eligible people to get the free shingles vaccine.


It’s so important to get the shingles vaccination because if you’ve ever had them, you know they’re one of the worst pains.

I’ve still got rashes, blotches on my face, and I had chickenpox as a 6 year old.

But as an adult, just kept getting shingles every time my immune system went down, when I was stressed. 

We can’t take that risk. Get vaccinated.

If you’re over 50, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can get the vaccination for free.

I suggest you get it because the side effects and the after effects just aren’t worth taking the risk.

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For more information, yarn to your health professional or visit Shield yourself from shingles.

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