Save more on Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines

If you have a Medicare card and are a general patient (non-concessional), the maximum amount you pay for medicines listed on the PBS has reduced.

The maximum general patient (non-concessional) co-payment amount for medicines on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) has been reduced.

Medicines listed on the PBS Schedule are subsidised by the Australian Government. General patients (non-concessional) who have a Medicare card now pay up to $30 (plus any applicable premiums) for their PBS medicines.

You can learn more about the scheme at the PBS website.

The PBS gives Australians with a Medicare card access to a wide range of medicines with the cost shared between you and the Australian Government.

The part you pay is called the co-payment.

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Brand premiums

A brand premium is an extra charge that applies to some brands of PBS medicines, which is set by the medicine supplier. There is no difference in quality between brands of the same medicine – all brands available through the PBS have been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration as equally effective.

If you are taking a more expensive brand the price difference paid is paid by you to the drug supplier. If you choose the more expensive brand, the extra cost you pay does not count towards your Safety Net threshold.

Your pharmacist may be able to substitute a less expensive brand where your prescriber has allowed this. If you have any concerns, you should talk to your prescriber or pharmacist.

You can learn more about brand premiums at the PBS website.


Life can be expensive…

But buying medicine shouldn’t be.

With a Medicare card most PBS medicines now cost no more than $30.

You could be saving on your diabetes or your child’s asthma medicine.

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Save more on your PBS medicines (extended)

With a Medicare card, most PBS medicines now cost no more than $30. Don't delay buying your PBS medicine, talk to your pharmacist today.

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