Give Flu the Boot – Protect your mob with a free flu vaccination – Video

Give flu the boot. Influenza can be passed around as easily as a footy. The best way to protect you and your mob is with a FREE flu vaccine. Yarn to your doctor or health worker about getting a flu vaccination today.


Kicking a regular footy around is fun. 

But think of this ball as the flu. 

It’s not fun, and can get passed around really easily. 

As the flu’s passed around, it can make some of us mob very sick. 

It’s much more than just the sniffles. 

While the flu can be mild for some, it can cause serious illness – sometimes leading to hospitalisation or even death.

It can be really dangerous for everyone in our communities, especially our most vulnerable, like bubbas under 5, pregnant women, and our nans and pops.

But all of us mob can get protected from the flu with a free flu vaccination.

If you had a flu vaccination last year, you should still get one this year to protect you from new strains of the virus.

Flu vaccines have been around for decades and are safe, even if you’re pregnant. 

The vaccination only takes seconds and most people have no side effects apart from a little redness or swelling where they got the jab.

Yarn to your local health worker today about getting your mob free flu vaccinations.

And let’s give flu the boot.

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