Medicare Urgent Care Clinics – Teresa’s story

Teresa shares her experience of visiting a Medicare Urgent Care Clinic (Medicare UCC) after injuring herself at a train station. Medicare UCCs are located across Australia, making it easier to access care for urgent, but not life-threatening, illnesses and injuries.


I'm Teresa. I'm 66 years old. I like to spend lots of time with my children. Well, I had a difficult moment when I was waiting for the train in Redfern.

When I tried to board the train, I stumbled and my right leg slipped into the gap between the platform and the door. My eldest son, Herman, knew about the Medicare Urgent Care Clinic, so the clinic seemed like the most appropriate place to go rather than a hospital.

It was something that had to be taken care of urgently, but it wasn't an emergency. When we arrived at the clinic, we were treated with great kindness by the receptionist and put on the list to be seen by a doctor.

The nurse called my name and then took me to the first room where they examined my injury and cleaned it up before the GP came into the room. Because There was metal involved in the injury, there was the risk of an infection.

That was something the nurse brought up, and there was discussion about getting vaccinated against tetanus. When we spoke to the doctor, I was treated with the same caring, kind attitude.

It made me feel as if my health was important, even though he sees many people every day.

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