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Medicare UCCs are located across Australia, making it easier to access care for urgent, but not life-threatening, illnesses and injuries. They are open extended hours, offer bulk-billed services, and can take walk-in patients. Find your nearest Medicare Urgent Care Clinic.


The purpose of a Medicare Urgent Care Clinic is to be able to see patients that need care on the day.

Anyone that needs medical attention for illnesses or injuries that doesn’t require a trip to the emergency department and that can’t wait for their routine GP appointment.

They offer patients another option. So, we are open extended hours, we offer bulk billed service, and we can take walk-in patients. 

Furthermore, the Medicare Urgent Care Clinics offer access to highly trained staff who will be seeing you with years and years of experience.

And be treated for a wide range of conditions from minor things such as ankle breaks, sprains, lacerations, or fractures to more complex things such as abdominal pain, gastroenteritis, burns, asthma flare-ups.

We’re able to look at them, send them for the relevant diagnosis, check an x-ray and bring them back and deal with the problem after that for them. 

I think the Urgent Care Clinics are really important. People need healthcare and they need access to good healthcare and urgent care definitely provides that.

So, I think that Medicare Urgent Care Clinics are a fantastic strategy to help patients access healthcare urgently when they need it. 

They’re a free service for those times where unexpected, urgent clinical or injuries happen. You can come in and be seen without having to worry or go into the emergency department. 

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