Rick’s 60-day prescription story

There are now more PBS medicines available for 60-day prescriptions. Ask your doctor if a 60-day prescription is right for you or explore the cheaper medicines page to learn more.


[I'm Rick. I'm about to turn 54 and I live in Adelaide. I work full time and I like to get home and walk the dog. I found out that I had diabetes when I had two heart attacks when I was 39. I was lying in hospital and they said, "So how are you treating your diabetes?" And I was like, "What diabetes?" And that's where my journey started. 

I guess you get into a routine. Getting scripts, picking up tablets, setting up tablets for the week. 'Cause I take about six in the morning and four at night. The introduction of 60-day scripts has been fantastic. There were some of my heart medications, which were covered in the first round in September and now the two diabetic medications that I take have been introduced. 

My wife also takes medications which have also been impacted by the 60-day scripts and now we are probably looking at saving a fair bit of money. So with 60-day scripts, it's going to benefit the health system as a whole because people just going to get scripts is clogging up appointments for doctors. So those should free up to make it easier to see a GP. 

If somebody was wondering whether the 60-day prescriptions would benefit them, they'd just have to look at the cost benefit and the time saved. You just need to talk to your GP to see if that's going to be suitable for your conditions and medications.]

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