Jonathan’s 60-day prescriptions story

Jonathan takes medication to reduce his blood pressure and cholesterol. With his doctor’s approval, Jonathan can now get two months’ worth of medicine at once, and he won’t need to visit the pharmacy as often.


I’m Jonathan. I'm 61 years old, originally from England, now live in Sydney. I'm the CEO of Arthritis Australia. Not unusually for a man of 61, my blood pressure used to be a bit high and my cholesterol was as well. When I first went to the doctor and I started getting these prescriptions, I felt better straight away. My blood pressure got back under control. I stopped having some really bad headaches and it was important for me personally because my late father actually had heart disease and was ill, so I know it's in my family. I take a couple of medications for blood pressure and cholesterol. Both of those are on The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and they are both eligible for 60-day prescriptions. The 60-day prescriptions will save both time and money. The medicines on the list are, generally speaking, for chronic long-term disease, people that have stable conditions, but chronic conditions. As the CEO of Arthritis Australia, I've been talking to a lot of consumers, so people with arthritis take lots of medicine. Every single one of them has said, "This is a welcome thing." The government's been listening to what consumers, what real people want and need. So that's why it's a really good thing, and if anyone's in any doubt at all, go and talk to your doctor. They'll advise what the best medicine to take is and whether it's on the list. But they've all been assessed as being safe for 60-day prescribing.

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