Jeanette’s 60-day prescriptions story

After years of joint pain, Jeanette was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The introduction of 60-day prescriptions for selected PBS medicines will save her money and time so she can focus on enjoying life.


I'm Jeanette, I'm from England originally, but I now live in Melbourne.

I just turned 50 this year. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in early 2019. This was after around 18 months to two years of gradually worsening joint pain. Originally it was difficult to diagnose because I have a kind of arthritis that doesn't show up in blood tests.

I currently take three prescription medicines for rheumatoid arthritis. All three are on the PBS. Only one of the three is listed on the 60 day prescriptions list. I spend around 1,100 dollars each year on these three medications.

I think the introduction of 60 day prescriptions is very important. It will allow patients to reduce their costs and also the time spent going to appointments, and it will also allow GPs and specialists to offer more appointments to people with medical concerns. Anything that reduces the amount of time that I have to think about managing my condition is a real bonus. It means that I can enjoy both my social life and my work life without being constantly reminded that I have arthritis.

For anyone who's wondering if the 60 day prescriptions will benefit them, I would strongly suggest that they speak with their GP or their specialist to find out whether they're eligible.

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