The Short Sisters talk about the risks of vaping

Professional surfers, the Short Sisters, explain how vaping is a risk to your health and the environment.


Seeing so many of our friends and family vape, witnessing first hand how it impacts their daily lives and how they are addicted to something that causes so much harm is quite honestly hard to watch.

Vaping can harm your body and has so many negative side effects.

Apart from health risks, vapes impact our coastal ecosystems.

From the plastics to the toxic chemicals within the cartridges.

This threatens the environment and marine life.

The ocean is our playground and the thought of it being polluted by vape contaminants is super disappointing.

Vaping can harm yourself and others.

Join us in raising awareness and encourage the ones we love to make a change and seek support to look after their health, loved ones and the oceans we cherish.

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