Sam Fricker shares his views on vaping

We’ve partnered with Olympic diver Sam Fricker to talk about the harmful environmental impacts of vaping.


You're probably all aware of the health risks of vaping. But have you ever considered or thought about the environmental impacts of vaping?

Vapes pose a triple threat to the environment.

Plastic pollution, hazardous battery waste, and chemical contamination.

But vaping doesn't just harm us, it actually disrupts the delicate ecosystems and endangers our marine wildlife.

E-cigarrete batteries contain hazardous heavy metals like lead and mercury, when these batteries end up in landfill, they leak into the soil and water, contaminating our environment.

Let's preserve our environment and live harmoniously with nature, free from the shackles of vaping.

Quitting vaping can be tough, but please use this as one of the many reasons to quit or cut back.

And remember, support is always available.

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