Sam Fricker on the health impacts of vaping

Olympic diver Sam Fricker talks to young Australians about the long term health effects of vaping.


Our bodies are a precious gift we have to protect.

A breath of fresh air is a moment to cherish, but many of us witnessed the harmful effects of vaping.

And no one is immune from the impacts of vaping, that includes our friends and family. Even elite athletes are not immune to the impacts of vaping.

As young people, we can feel invincible, but our youth and sense of invincibility won't last forever.

If your dependence on vaping is getting stronger, you might start to feel a bit off experiencing shortness of breath and a persisting cough. But these seemingly minor issues can escalate to permanent lung damage if left unchanged.

And this message applies to people from all walks of life. If you want to quit vaping or you're struggling to quit, there are resources available to help you break free.

Please visit the website for support.]

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