Lottie Dalziel on what’s really in a vape

Discover the toxic chemicals hiding in your vape. Ready to quit? Support is available.


[Vapes, mods, Juuls, e-cigarettes - they're all terrible for your health and for the planet. But have you ever considered what's actually inside your vape? Because I'll give you a hint, it's not all watermelon and strawberries.

Vapes are a chemical cocktail. The e-liquid alone can contain over 200 unique chemicals. Things like chlorine that's found in pool cleaners. Acrolene which is found in weed killer. Formaldehyde, which is found in cleaning products and some disinfectants. Arsenic, which is used in poisons. Benzene, which you'll see in bug spray.

Mercury, which is the metal found in batteries. And then why not add in some extra flammable lithium batteries? Don't forget the metal or plastic casings. And what about the plastic mouthpiece? And then to top it all off, why not add some extra wires on top for a bit of decorative spice? Mix it all together and you really wouldn't really want to drink that.

When vapes are littered or go into landfill, they contaminate the environment with all of these poisons. This waste takes centuries to break down. Heaps of people have already quit vapes and you can too. There are a range of supports out there so that you can quit vaping for good.]

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