JackBuzza shares his thoughts on vaping

Watch this video to find out why Jack thinks vaping’s a bad idea.


Comments Voice Over: Hey Jack, have you tried this flavoured air thing?

All the kids are doing it.

Jack: Wait, do you mean vaping?

Comments Voice Over: Yeah, it tastes great. Have you tried it?

Jack: No, I haven't tried it! Do you know how bad that stuff is for you?

Your lungs are going to be so bad you'll be short of breath, dizzy...

It's like playing Fortnite, but imagine you don't have any stamina all game.

Comments voice over: Oh…oh…that would suck.

Jack: And it gets worse. The chemicals and nicotine inside the vape will make you crave it and want more. Plus, nicotine can literally poison you! Imagine you're playing Fortnite, you're in the storm the entire game. Try and win.

Comments Voice Over: Oh, um, guys, this vaping thing is really bad for us. We've got to stop!

Jack: Vaping guys? It's just not worth it.

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In this Jack talks about why he hasn’t tried vaping. He shares his thoughts on the downsides of vaping.

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