HeyImZed shares his tips on how to quit vaping

We’ve partnered with gamer HeyImZed to talk to young Australians about the harms of vaping. HeyImZed shares some great tips on how to quit.


You wouldn't risk your favourite skins in your favourite game or an easy dub, so why would you risk your health when it comes to vaping? 

The long term effects are still not fully understood, but what we do know is that harmful chemicals have been found in vapes. And these chemicals can lead to a whole list of health problems, which is why now is the best time to quit.

Plus, most vapes contain nicotine, even if they say they don't, which is highly addictive. Inhaling nicotine when you're young can cause harm to your still developing brain. Now, this can impact your ability to learn, pay attention, and might tempt you to try smoking.

So you know it's bad for you? But how do you quit? Well, it's pretty simple actually.

You need to understand the reason for why you want to quit, get support from friends and family, and speak to a doctor or health professional.

Knowing what challenges will lie ahead will make sure that this journey is a lot easier.

And don't forget the four D’S when it comes to craving 

Number 1: delay the urge to smoke or vape 

Number 2: take three deep breaths 

Number 3: distract yourself with music, games, or even a walk, and

Number 4: drink some water slowly.

Using these tips, you'll be able to breathe easier knowing you're looking after your health. And remember, it can take several attempts to quit vaping successfully, so keep going and you'll be vape free ASAP.

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