Ellyse Perry shares her views on vaping

Watch this video to find out why Ellyse Perry doesn’t vape.


Hey, everyone. I'm a fan of lots of things, but vaping is definitely not one of them. 

As someone who absolutely loves feeling healthy and fit, and values wellbeing, vaping is just a huge detractor from that. 

I think for any young people vaping at the moment, a big one for me to consider is just what that's going to feel like in 20 or so years' time, where all the harmful effects of putting your lungs through something like that is probably going to show up. 

At the moment, you feel invincible. If you put your body in situations where it's going to be affected adversely, down the track, it does catch up with you. And if you don't have the full function of your lungs or have some kind of lifestyle-induced disease as a result of vaping, yeah, how much you'd regret that, I guess. 

I think you always feel a pressure to be involved in activities that happen in a social circumstance. And particularly, when it comes to vaping and other harmful activities, I think it's just really important to think about what matters most to you. What you value and your morals, and really stick to that, and know that your best friends are always going to accept you for who you are, regardless of what you do.

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Have you ever wondered why top athletes don’t vape? Australian cricketer Ellyse Perry discusses her views on vaping in this video.

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