Darth Vapour Returns by content creator Ella Watkins

We’ve partnered with content creator Ella Watkins to educate young Australians on the harms of vaping. Her character Darth Vapour is back from the future to continue her work!


[0:00 Awh, give us the vape.

0:02 Thanks.

0:04 You know, vaping can cause permanent damage to your lungs?

0:08 So? Sounds like a future me problem.

0:10 Yeah, I know.

0:12 That's why I'm here.

0:13 What?

0:15 Crouching Tiger, Hidden nicotine dependence!

0:19 The persistent cough.

0:24 The lung injury.

0:27 My lungs!

0:28 You can take my ability to inhale deeply, but you never take my vape.

0:31 Sounds like addiction to me.

0:33 No!

0:42 That was a wet one.

0:43 And over 200 unique chemicals have been found in e-liquids.

0:48 Our vape!

0:51 It cannot be.

0:53 I'm you from the future.

0:57 I sound good for 50.

0:58 I'm 22.

0:59 Oh.

1:03 Sorry. Still want your vape back?

1:04 Yeah?

1:07 How about now?

1:08 Eww. What?

1:13 Come get it.

1:14 Sacrifices must be made for the betterment of society.

1:16 Eww. 

1:17 My job here is done.

1:21 If vaping doesn't cause you harm, Darth Vapour promises to cause you emotional damage.]

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