Darth Vapour by content creator Ella Watkins

We’ve partnered with content creator Ella Watkins to educate young Australians on the harms of vaping. Darth Vapour is back from the future to educate her younger self on the health risks associated with vaping.


[0:00 Hey, pass the vape.

0:02 You can't bring that in here.

0:02 Don't tell me you're worried about the health risks

0:04 Who is?

0:04 No, I'm-I'm worried about Darth Vapour.

0:07 She's not real, Ella.

0:08 Who is Darth Vapour?

0:11 Darth Vapour?

0:12 I'm as real as the health risks associated with vaping.

0:15 We weren't vaping.

0:16 We promise.

0:22 Vape on this!

0:29 Don’t inhale it Ella, it’s toxic. 

0:30 Too late, she’s addicted. 

0:31 Watermelon bubblegum doesn't taste so sweet in the long run, does it?

0:37 You a fan of the planet?

0:38 I always recycle.

0:39 She does.

0:39 And yet vapes cannot be recycled and may never breakdown.

0:42 I didn't realise.

0:43 Fake earthy.

0:44 That's so lame.

0:45 I've become the very thing I seek to destroy.

0:47 Recycle this.

0:48 This one’s for your mum.  And by mum, I mean Mother Nature.

0:59 You can’t outrun me with your compromised lung function.

1:02 I only vape in social situations.

1:04 That's plenty.

1:16 You wouldn't understand Darth Vapour.

1:18 Oh, but I do.

1:22 You look awful 

1:23 Beneath every Darth Vapour mask is an ex-vaper

1:27 What made you finally decide to quit?

1:29 Your idea of being bested by the hands of Blueberry sour Raspberry started super lame.

1:32 That does sound super lame.

1:33 Tell your friends if passionfruit-guava pop doesn't get you, Darth Vapour will.]

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