Survey on new immunisation and corporate information

This survey will help us test the way we have organised our new immunisation and corporate information. Take part and help us make this information easy to use!

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Time required: 
15 minutes
General public

Survey details

Welcome to the Department of Health's first survey on our new beta website! 

In this survey we're testing the way we have organised our rewritten content for our:

  • immunisation health topic
  • corporate information

Both of these topics were launched as part of Release 1

This is a 'treejack' survey. You'll be asked to complete some tasks (find information) by browsing through our new website structure. The structure is given to you as a list of links, or a 'tree'. More information is provided as you take the survey.

Any feedback you provide will help us make this content even better!

Thanks for your help.

Last updated: 
16 February 2019

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