Release 2.0.0 — Design updates

This release includes updates to our website design using the latest Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) components. These components provide a better experience, especially for mobile device users. Behind the scenes, content administration is simpler.

Release date: 
3 August 2018

What’s changed?

Our underlying codebase has been updated to include the latest components from the DTA's Design System and to simplify administration. Changes include:

  • an updated user interface based on Design System v3 components
  • simplified content administration
  • reduced download size of pages
  • improved presentation of content listings
  • a better experience across mobile devices

Why the change?

We wanted to better align our design with the DTA’s Digital Service Standard. Using their Government as a platform principles have helped us improve the user experience and simplify the content authoring process.

Where will you see the changes?

Some of the changes include:

  • a new selectable card style has been applied to some elements
  • headings are bolder and use system fonts instead of web fonts to so they are easier to read
  • hyperlinks are now blue and underlined
  • buttons are clearer and more consistent in size, shape and colour
  • accordions have larger text and are bordered
  • text size adjusts to better suit your screen size when accessing our website on mobile devices
  • local navigation menu items are less prominent than body text to reduce distraction
  • call-outs and downloadable documents are more prominent so you see and find them faster
  • the ‘back to top’ feature on long pages has a larger area for you to click on and appears as you scroll past a single screen
  • when you click on a hyperlink, it is shown clearly with a purple border
  • all content listings display smaller images on mobile devices so you can see more on smaller screens


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Last updated: 
21 December 2018

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