Tobacco control legislation review

We have been reviewing our tobacco control legislation to make sure that it is fit for purpose and effective. Learn more about our review process.

Tobacco control legislation

Our tobacco control legislation includes:

We have been reviewing this legislation to make sure that it:

  • is still effective
  • responds to changes in technology.

What we are reviewing

The review is looking at:

  • what is working well in the current legislation
  • what, if any, changes we can make to the legislation
  • whether any provisions in the legislation are redundant
  • whether any parts of the legislation are overcomplicated, ambiguous or unclear
  • whether regulations can be simpler and easier to enforce
  • any other aspects of tobacco control that the Australian Government should consider and prioritise.

How we review this legislation

We involve a range of stakeholders when we review legislation.

For this review process we:

  • opened a publicly available online consultation from January to March 2019
  • ran a series of stakeholder workshops from May to July 2019.

You can view the public submissions and read the outcomes of the process on our Consultation Hub.


Tobacco control legislation review contact

Contact the tobacco control legislation review team for further information about the review process for tobacco control legislation.
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