Most people with COVID-19 recover completely within a few weeks of their first symptoms. However, some people may experience longer-term effects from their infection. Learn about long COVID and where you can get help for your ongoing symptoms.

About long COVID

Post acute sequelae of COVID-19, also known as long COVID, refers to long-term symptoms that some people experience after they have had COVID-19.

Long COVID is a chronic condition that can affect many body systems. People with long COVID will have unique experiences, including how long symptoms will last. People with long COVID will also have differing disease management and support needs. Evidence about long COVID is evolving.

Read more about long COVID symptoms, risk factors and treatment.

Getting treatment for long COVID

If you are worried about ongoing symptoms after you’ve had COVID-19, you should speak to your health professional.

There isn’t one single treatment or medication to treat long COVID. Your doctor will talk to you about the care and support you might need. 

If long COVID symptoms are having a big impact on your life, you may be referred to a specialist or rehabilitation service that can help manage your symptoms and help you recover.

Protecting yourself from long COVID

The best way to prevent long COVID is to protect yourself from getting infected with COVID-19. There are simple steps that you can take to make sure you and the people around you stay safe. For more information about these steps, please see Protecting yourself and others from COVID-19.

Getting all the recommended COVID-19 vaccinations for your age or individual health needs can help protect against severe illness or death due to COVID-19. 

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