Prevent and prepare for COVID-19 in residential respite

Residential aged care respite providers must stay alert and prepared for a potential COVID-19 outbreak in their home. Learn about the measures you should have in place to support residential respite clients during an outbreak.

Respite during COVID-19

We encourage residential aged care respite providers to continue accepting people who need residential respite care during a COVID-19 outbreak.

See more information about escalation tiers and aged care provider responses.

During a COVID-19 outbreak, you should:

  • discuss the care needs with the client and their families
  • help clients apply for approvals if they need to extend their respite care period.

Period of respite care and extensions

During a COVID-19 outbreak, a client may need to extend their stay in residential respite care.

If you are unable to submit a respite extension request through the service and support portal, seek help from an Aged Care Assessment Team.

Learn more about managing residential respite care.


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