General patients

If you have a Medicare card and are a general patient (non-concessional), the maximum amount you pay for medicines listed on the PBS has reduced.

Your co-payment is now lower

If you are a general patient (non-concessional) and have a Medicare card, you will now pay up to $30 (plus any applicable premiums) for medicines listed on the PBS.

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PBS Safety Net – general patients

If you spend more than $1,563.50 on eligible PBS medicines in a calendar year, you qualify for the PBS Safety Net.

This means you will pay even less, up to $7.30 (plus any applicable premiums), for your PBS medicines for the rest of the calendar year.

Keep a record of your PBS co-payments and apply for a PBS Safety Net card at your local pharmacy or through Services Australia.

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Find out how people are saving more on their PBS medicines

A collection of stories from people who are saving more on PBS medicines since their co-payment was reduced to $30 from January this year.

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