Ted says no to smokes

Many of Ted's work mates smoke, but he's given up. It can be hard for Ted, but he has support from the Aboriginal Quitline and My QuitBuddy app to help him stay smoke free.


Voiceover: I work hard, and I like what I do.        

Ted and his workmates are walking through a quarry. They all walk into the lunchroom

Voiceover: It pays the bills and I work with some good people. 

They find a spot at the table and take off their hats and relax a little.

Voiceover: Some of the guys on site smoke, but I gave up a while ago.

We see Ted laughing and sharing a joke with his work mates. One of them offers him a smoke and he says no.

Voiceover: It’s hard sometimes when they’re all smoking, but the longer you stay quit, the easier it is.      

Ted looks back outside to see the man who offered him a smoke walking away from the building. On the wall is a No Smoking sign.

Voiceover: My mate Mick, he died of cancer from smokes.        

Ted looks up at a No Smoking poster in the lunchroom.

Voiceover: I want to be here for my wife and kids.

Ted looks at photos of his family on his mobile.

Voiceover: That’s why I downloaded the My Quit Buddy app, to help me stop smoking.

Ted opens the My QuitBuddy app on his mobile.

Voiceover: My name is Ted, and family is my story.         

We see Ted and his workmates finishing lunch and going back to work.

Voiceover: Don’t make smokes your story.           

Voiceover: For help, download the My QuitBuddy app, call the quitline or visit quitnow.com

Federal Government logo, Quitline Logo and My QuitBuddy logo

Voiceover: Authorised by the Australian Government Canberra           

Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra. Spoken by F. Leone & R. Newth

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