Smoking and addiction

If you think smoking is just a bad habit. You’re wrong. Smoking is addictive and once it gets a grip on you, it’s difficult to quit. Watch this video on smoking and addiction for more information.


If you think smoking’s just a bad habit, you’re wrong.

Smoking is addictive, and once it gets a grip on you, it’s difficult to quit.

Smokes contain Nicotine, and pretty soon after you start smoking, your body is hooked. In fact, most people don’t realise they’re addicted until they try to quit.

For some, it can be hard, but many people have quit. You don’t have to make smokes your story.

There’s many parts to smoking addiction, but you can beat them all.

Nicotine actually changes your brain, and it gets used to the chemicals. That’s why when you try to quit, you experience nicotine withdrawals such as urges to smoke or feeling anxious.

Some situations can trigger the urge to smoke, like when you’re having a cuppa’ or when you’re out with friends.

Stress can also be a common trigger when you’re trying to quit, which can be a difficult cycle to overcome.

So, what should you do to beat a Nicotine addiction?

Start by making a quit plan, with help from your doctor or health worker, the QuitNow website, or by calling the Quitline.

Then, work out what your triggers or cravings are, and decide on ways to stay strong when the trigger or craving hits.

Quitting can take a few goes. There’s no shame if you don’t quit the first time. You can do this! The longer you stay quit, the easier it gets. Your health, your family and your mob will all be glad you did.  

Don’t make smokes your story - quit now for a better life.

For help talk to your doctor or a health worker, call the Quitline, download the My QuitBuddy or Quit for You, Quit for Two app or visit

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