Raymond saved money by quitting

Raymond saved over $100 a week by quitting the smokes. His lungs feel much better and doesn’t cough all the time now.


Raymond Landers, currently 39 years of age, and my tribe is Dieri from Innamincka in South Australia. I started smoking when I was a teenager. Probably smoked half my life. Probably 20 years. Given up smoking now. It’s been over a year. I changed everything I do in my life. I set challenges and goals, and I fulfil them. That was a challenge for myself, and I said I can do this, and I’ve set myself a goal, and I did it.

Since I’ve quit, I’ve saved a lot of money. I was smoking at least $100 to $150 a week in smokes. I’ve actually got another scapegoat now. I’ve got Foxtel, so I can watch as much sport as I want.

I used to get a smoker’s cough every now and then and start coughing. I’m able to breathe now a lot easier, and I don’t even cough or anything anymore. So, I’m really healthy in my life.

The trouble side of it as well is getting humbugged, as we call it. If you’re known as a smoker, you’ll get humbugged all the time for a cigarette because your family will want a cigarette off you. If you’re not smoking, you’re setting a goal for them and saying I don’t smoke anymore, you can do the same thing, and I haven’t got a smoke for you. So, you’re not going to actually encourage them to still smoke.

By giving up smoking it makes you stronger as a person and it makes you more determined and you can have some more directions in your life. Why don’t you try the chewies or go on a patch? There’s Quitline numbers. There’s people out there that actually can help you.

Make healthy choices in life, and give up smoking, and don’t make that your story.

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