QFR Guide – Allied Health reporting for Residential Aged Care providers

Guide to assist residential aged care providers to accurately report Allied Health costs in the Quarterly Financial Report.


Welcome to a video presentation that will provide guidance on reporting Allied Health care minutes and labour costs in the residential care labour cost and hours reporting section of the Quarterly Financial Report, otherwise known as the QFR.

This video is part of a series that will provide guidance for residential aged care providers on completing this section of the QFR.

The breakdown of the reporting of allied health care minutes by profession is a NEW reporting requirement for residential aged care providers.

This information is important because it will allow the Department to understand how allied health is delivered in residential aged care facilities.

The reporting of allied health care minutes will help the Department to monitor the overall cost of care to aged care facilities.

The QFR will require you to report the care costs of allied health professionals as well as allied health assistants.

Having comprehensive rosters and understanding your payroll support options will help to ensure you are well placed to have accurate data to submit in the QFR.

We recommend that you ensure your systems and processes are in place to capture the worked hours for allied health professionals, remembering that when you report this information in the QFR you will need to exclude their leave and training time.

We recommend you work closely with the Agency organisations that you contract allied health professionals through to ensure eventual invoices include the required information you need for the QFR.

These details should include:

  • The services by each profession
  • Detail of Procedure and client name
  • The rate of service
  • The amount of time spent on care

The table shows what an invoice for allied health services could include.

We recommend having an internal quality assurance process on your own data.

You should check for accuracy and reasonableness of the data to be reported against various systems and information.

Ask these questions for a reasonableness check:

  • Did the costs correctly include on-costs?
  • Were the hours “work minutes” and exclude leave and training?
  • Do the costs agree to the hours?
  • How do the labour costs compare to prior periods?
  • How do the care hours compare to prior periods?

The Department is committed to providing support to help you submit quality data in your QFR.

Further information on the QFR, including QFR definitions and Frequently Asked Questions, can be found on the Forms Administration website at Health at health.formsadministration.com.au.

A helpdesk is also available; please send questions to qfr@stewartbrown.com.au.

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Guidance on the new Quarterly Financial Report (QFR) requirements for the aged care sector. This video will focus on the reporting of Allied Health costs in the QFR.

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