Nicole quit for a healthy pregnancy

Nicole started smoking because she thought it was cool. Now she has a family, she has quit to be there for her kids.


My name’s Nikki, and family is my story. I started smoking at 16 years old. I just thought it was one of those cool things to do, because all my friends and peers were doing it, and I thought to look cool I had to be the same, so that’s why I started.

When I was smoking it made me feel disgusting. It made my hair and my clothes smell.

I quit smoking because I was pregnant with my fourth child. I do remember back to making that decision to quit, I had the flu at that time, and it was actually really hard to breathe. Being in my first trimester of pregnancy, I made a commitment to myself and to the people around me that the packet of cigarettes I had, that was the last packet, I wasn’t going to buy another one, and I stuck to it.

The most important things in my life are definitely my family, my kids are my number one priority, and my health, to be here for them. Don’t make smokes your story.

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