Luana and Brian stopped smoking together

Luana and Brian gave up smoking for their family. Watch Luana and Brian talk about their experience giving up smoking.


Luana: My name is Luana, I’m 32, and I live at Kingston, Tasmania.

Brian: Hi, I’m Brian, I’m 41, and I live at Kingston, Tasmania.

Luana: Family is everything to us. It’s actually the reason why I gave up smoking in the first place.

Brian: More health than anything. It was just I was sick of I’m sucking poison into my body. It’s just a stupid thing to do. You’re killing yourself slowly, and we all need to stop doing it.

Luana: Smoking is a big thing in our families, which is another reason why we’ve decided that we’re no longer going to smoke.

Brian: I didn’t want my children thinking it’s the normal thing to do – buying tobacco and sucking poison into your body.

Luana: I didn’t want my children smelling it. I didn’t want to leave my baby inside while I’d have to go outside and have a smoke in the cold. That was my main driving force for me to stop smoking. I’ve quit smoking for seven‑and‑a‑half years.

Brian: I’ve been the same. Books helped me. I heard about Allen Carr. I borrowed his book and I read it, and it helped me stop smoking. It deals with the reasons why we don’t stop. We know why we should stop. That doesn’t help us stop.

Luana: Good things to do are quite often also hard things to do. Quitting was hard for me, but it was one of the best things that I did. We didn’t want smokes to be our story, because together we decided family is our story.

Brian: If you’re a smoker, don’t make smokes your story.

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