Kirra is very happy she quit

Kirra’s smoking made her asthma worse. She quit smoking so she can be a healthy mum for her kids.


My name’s Kirra, and my kids, my family and my singing is my story. I like singing, song writing, and being like a mentor to other young girls, because I had my daughter at 15 years old, so from then telling my story about being a young mum, and the different struggles and things that come with that.

I started smoking when I was about 13 or something. A lot of my time was being wasted on it, like I already have asthma as it is, so that contributed to my asthma, and not being able to do sports and things like that.

The first time I quit was about six years ago when I had my first baby. Quitting this time was a lot easier, because I felt like I was stronger as a person and older. One of the reasons I quit smoking also was because I wanted to be there for my kids. It really hit me when my daughter got to the age, I think it was about two, when she could talk, and she was noticing my habit, I guess, and she’d pick up my packet or my lighter and follow me outside and, you know, give me my cigarettes and stuff, and that I guess to me was like I was showing her that it was okay to smoke.

I have to say the worst thing about smoking is probably the smell. Like when I smell cigarette now it kind of makes me feel sick.

The benefits of quitting would probably be having more money I guess, and not spending that money every day. It was worth everything, like I feel healthy, I can run around with my daughter, and I can sing a lot better.

If there was anyone I knew that was going to start smoking, I’d just tell them not to start smoking, because it’s a really bad habit to try and break.

I’m very happy that I quit. I’m a lot happier now that I’m not stressed and hanging for a cigarette all the time.

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