Kerry quit for her grandchildren

Kerry’s grandchildren told her they didn’t want her to die from smoking. She’s proud she gave up smoking.


I’m Kerry Welsh, I’m from Newtown, Sydney, and I’ve got two sons and I’ve got three granddaughters. I’m a proud, strong Aboriginal woman, and I love the fact that I gave up smoking. That’s my story. I’ve lived in Redfern for about 40 years. My passion is health and improving Aboriginal health, and I’ve been an Aboriginal Health Promotion Officer for about 20 years now.

I started smoking in my 30s, and I smoked for around 10 years. I always smoked out the back at home, and obviously my grandchildren would follow, and want to be around Nanny all the time. This one granddaughter that used to say all the time “Nanny, Nanny, I don’t want you to smoke, I don’t want you to die”.

I want to be around and see them grow up. I want to be around and see their children grow up. I’m so proud that I’ve quit smoking. My family is so proud of me quitting smoking. My workers are so proud of me, quitting smoking.

Regardless of how long it takes, and how many attempts, just keep on trying. You will give up. And it’s about you recognising what you need to do to help you quit. It’s just that first step to take. I gave up seven years ago, and guess what? I haven’t even had a smoke since. I’ve thought about it, I would not do it again. I’ll stay quit forever.

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