Josh quit for his family’s health

Josh’s decision to quit smoking had a lot to do with becoming a dad. He wants to be a good role model for his children.


My name is Josh, and family’s my story. I’ve got three kids and a fiancé. The most important thing to me is my children. My decision to quit smoking had a lot to do with becoming a father, and also being a smoker probably enabled other people to smoke as well that didn’t really want to.

I started smoking I reckon in high school when I was about 15 or 16. But I reckon in my peak I was smoking a pack every two days. You’d stink, you’d reek, you know, you lost your sense of smell, your sense of taste.

I mean, I smoked for 10 years and then finally decided to quit after a long conversation with my partner. I had tried several times before to quit, I tried patches, tried cold turkey. And in the end it was I never could quit because didn’t really want to. But then when I actually made up my mind that I wanted to quit for me, I basically woke up one morning and just stopped smoking. It was a simple as that.

I’d hate to see my kids smoke. I hate to see people I love die of cancer. And they’ll make their own decisions when they get to the age that they will do that, I mean, all kids do. But if my example is any guide to them to the decisions they make, then this is definitely one of the guides I want to instil in them.

If you’re a smoker, don’t make smokes your story.

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