Joel’s focus is on his future without smokes

When Joel quit smoking, he changed his lifestyle to make it as stress-free as possible.


I’m Joel, and focusing on my future is my story. I smoked for about a year before I quit.

When I was smoking, I used to always have a bit of a cough. I didn’t like it. This time when I quit, I weaned myself off the smokes. I actually saw a poster in the window of a chemist, and I went inside and read the pamphlet. I started using patches and tried the gum, cut down quite a bit, and then I got to three a day, and then it got to a point where I’m like, “I don’t even need to smoke today”.

I changed my lifestyle as well to make it as stress‑free as possible. I’ve quit smoking for about four months. I can smell things a lot better. You really notice the difference after about two months. Being healthy is important to me. I think about, if I want to have kids soon, I don’t want to be the guy sitting at the window with an oxygen mask on wishing I could play with my kid. I want to be able to actually go and play with my kids.

Heaps of advice for someone that was thinking about quitting. Figure out what your vices are and try and eliminate them. Think about your future and the people around you who actually care for you. Don’t make smoking your story.

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