Mother holding baby with overlaid text: Influenza vaccine in pregnancy protects both babies and mums
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Voice-over:  Pregnant women who receive the influenza vaccine protect both their babies and themselves.

Influenza is far more than a cold. Pregnant women who catch influenza are more than twice as likely to be  admitted to hospital than other people. Catching influenza during pregnancy can also lead to premature delivery and even death in very young babies. Pregnant women who are immunised against influenza give their babies over 60 per cent protection in their first months of life.

Brendan Murphy: You can have the influenza vaccine anytime during your pregnancy and at any time of year.

Influenza immunisation in pregnancy is safe. It can be given at any time in pregnancy.

Voice-over: The influenza vaccine is free for pregnant women through the National Immunisation Program.

If you’re pregnant, speak to your doctor, nurse, or midwife today.

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7 May 2018
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The influenza vaccine provides protection for both mothers and their babies, and is an important part of any pregnancy. If you're pregnant, speak with your doctor, nurse, or midwife today.