Impacts of smoking

When you smoke, do you really know what it’s doing to you? Do you know how much damage smoking is doing to your whole body? Watch this motion graphic on the impacts of smoking for more information.


When you smoke, do you really know what it's doing to you? Do you know just how much damage smoking is doing to your whole body to your family and your mob?

Cigarettes contain thousands of toxic chemicals; some are known to cause cancer.

Smoking impacts many body parts.

Your arteries get narrower which causes a rise in blood pressure and that can lead to a stroke or heart attack

Smoking can damage your eyes, and this can lead to blindness.

Gum disease is common, not to mention the bad breath, stained teeth and a loss of taste.

Breathing gets harder, and you can develop lung disease such as pneumonia or emphysema.

Smoking can also damage your bladder, pancreas and stomach.

For blokes, smoking can lower the quality of your sperm – making having kids harder.

And, it doesn’t stop there.

Smoking causes many types of cancer and the earlier you quit; your risk of developing these cancers may be reduced.

Living with any of these illnesses can make it really tough on you and your family.  

But even that’s not the end of the story. Smokes damage the health and lives of those around you too, like your kids, friends and relatives. 

People exposed to your second hand smoke can also get cancer and lung disease.

If you’ve got kids, and you smoke, your kids are more likely to take up the smokes too.

If you’re pregnant and you smoke or your partner or family members smoke around you, your baby is also exposed to the poisonous chemicals and that can mean permanent health problems for your child.

Smoking is tough on your health, your family’s health and your bank account. Many people quit, because it’s worth it.  You can too.

Make better health your story, and quit today.  For help talk to a health worker, call the Quitline, download the My QuitBuddy or Quit for You, Quit for Two app or visit

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