How are we responding to JEV?

Find out how we’re responding to JEV in this short video from Dr Sonya Bennett.


Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) has been detected in Australia. All levels of government and animal industry are working together to respond to the virus. A national working group of communicable disease vaccine and mosquito borne virus experts has also been established to support the response to JEV. This group will provide advice on nationally coordinated mosquito surveillance and control activities. It will also identify people who may be at more risk and target vaccines to where they are most needed based on the immediate risk. The initial groups prioritised for vaccination include: People who work at, reside at, or visit piggeries, pork abattoirs or rendering plants. Farm workers, children, transport workers, veterinarians and others involved in the care of pigs. Personnel who work directly with mosquitoes. Environmental health officers and workers and diagnostic and research laboratory workers. To find out more about JEV vaccination, contact your local public health unit and for more information visit or

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