Flu vaccination and pregnancy – Vaccinate against flu. Protect your baby too
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00:05 [Spokesperson] Pregnant women are a very high priority group for influenza immunisation.

00:10 Influenza immunisation is part of good pregnancy care.

00:14 If a pregnant woman catches influenza, she risks her pregnancy and the life of her baby.

00:20 Influenza causes more hospitalizations and deaths in babies than whooping cough.

00:25 You should be immunised against influenza each time you fall pregnant no matter what time of the year.

00:31 And it's never too late to have it.

00:32 Influenza immunisation in pregnancy is safe and gives over 60% protection to babies.

00:39 [Spokesperson] If you're pregnant, be immunised.

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18 December 2017
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The flu shot is safe for pregnant women, and provides effective protection for you and your new-born baby for the first six months of their life.