COVID-19 vaccination – Video – Community members talk about why they got their COVID-19 vaccine – Arabic captions

This video, in various languages, with Arabic captions, shows culturally and linguistically diverse community members talk about why they got their COVID-19 vaccine.


أردت أن أكون قدوةً للآخرين

بكوني أول من يتلقّى التطعيم في العائلة.

للحفاظ على سلامتي وسلامة الآخرين.

لقد أكملتُ تطعيمي ضد Covid 19

لحماية عائلتي

تلقّيتُ التطعيم كي لا أمرض.

السبب الذي دعاني للحصول على التطعيم هو

أنني أردت حماية نفسي وعائلتي.

English transcript:

I wanted to be a role model by being the first one in the family to be vaccinated.

To keep myself and others safe.

I have completed my Covid 19 vaccination to protect my family.

I got vaccinated so that I don’t get sick.

The reason I want to be vaccinated is because I’d like to protect myself and my family.

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