COVID-19 vaccination – Dr Mark Wenitong explains the importance of getting COVID-19 vaccine booster dose

In this video, Dr Mark Wenitong explains why it is important to get your COVID-19 vaccine booster dose.


I’m Dr Mark Wenitong, and I’m encouraging all our Mob to get out there and get a COVID-19 booster.

With borders open and COVID now more common, I know a lot of you are wondering whether you even need a booster.

Maybe you’re double vaxxed and you think that’s enough. Maybe you’ve already caught COVID so you think there’s no point and maybe you’ve been double vaxxed and caught COVID, so you’re thinking ‘why get another jab’?

I’m here to tell you, boosters work. Yes, it is still possible to catch COVID if you’ve been vaccinated and boosted. And for some people sickness from COVID-19 can be mild. But that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous.

People still die from it and many end up in hospital. But being vaccinated and boosted means there’s a much lower risk of becoming seriously ill or going to hospital if you catch COVID-19, as well as a lower risk of dying.

I’ve seen it for myself. And remember, boosters don’t just build up your protection and reduce severe illness. They may also reduce the chances of COVID-19 spreading in your home and the community, so the more people that get them, the more protected we are.

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