COVID-19 vaccination – Animation for children aged 5 to 11 years

A COVID-19 vaccination animation for children aged 5 to 11 years.


Hello, I am Aya. I love going to the dinosaur museum with my grandma. 

A while ago, my mum said that we could not go there for a while.  

She said a virus that we cannot see called COVID-19 is making people sick. 

You can catch it by being very close to a person who already has it… 

COVID-19 may give you a cough, cold or a runny nose…. 

and it may also make people really sick... 

But there are vaccines that will help teach your body to fight the virus. 

Getting a vaccine is quick and doesn’t hurt at all! 

Your arm might get a little sore and you could feel a bit tired afterwards but that’s normal and will go away. 

So, to protect myself and my family from COVID-19, I’m getting vaccinated.  

If you’re nervous about getting the vaccine, talk to your mum, dad, or the doctor. 


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