Stay Safe Torres Strait - Kantesha Takai
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Hello families. [foreign language 00:00:01] with TI.

Just wanted to reach out for remind you [foreign language 00:00:03] outside [foreign language 00:00:05] TI, that if people are feeling sick or got any symptoms of coronavirus, make sure you people are contact the Torres and Cape Health and Hospital Services, [foreign language 00:00:13] TI, or visit your local health clinic, pharmacy, or also contact Torres Health.

Make sure you ring up go for them services first before you go there inside because if you take the virus, go inside or people are sick.

So please just call in advance if people are feel them symptoms there.

Also, you know you got one 24 hour helpline that people can contact. That number you want 1800 020 080, them can give you more information.

And you've got also for give you information from Queensland and Australian Governments.

Also, you know for [foreign language 00:00:48] region, [foreign language 00:00:49] tune in for Radio 4MW because [foreign language 00:00:51] got the most up to date information from [foreign language 00:00:53] health professionals [foreign language 00:00:54] and also from the Disaster Management Group with them councils too. So tune in for the radio, you'll get the most up to date information.

Also, families, if you're feeling depressed or anxiety or anything like that, [foreign language 00:01:07] and other health, mental and wellbeing services that can help you [foreign language 00:01:12]. So be sure for reach out for [foreign language 00:01:14] can help you.

You know as well in this, you know we go in through [foreign language 00:00:01:19], you know turmoil times [foreign language 00:01:21], and something most of us, myself included, nobody experienced before.

So just a reminder for you know checking in with families, will you check in with your elders [foreign language 00:01:29], will you ring up, go for families who are South, because old feeling it too, not just [foreign language 00:01:34]. Everybody got the anxiety and pressures, and you know financial strain too.

So just check in with your [foreign language 00:01:41] families, make sure everybody right. Just ring up them [foreign language 00:01:43] visit. Remember to practice them social distancing rules. Remember you've got them hygiene practices that [foreign language 00:01:50] have to make sure you [foreign language 00:01:52].

And as well please just talk amongst them immediate family, but you would say [foreign language 00:01:56], remember [foreign language 00:01:58] go out too much. Just [foreign language 00:00:02:00] house.

Make sure people are prepared, got all them resources you [foreign language 00:02:03] need for if you have to stay in isolation.

Remember that you know your family there, you can reach out for them [foreign language 00:02:11], ring up them [foreign language 00:02:13], make sure them [foreign language 00:02:13] right, so they all can also make sure that you right.

But being in, you know [foreign language 00:02:18] age and generation [foreign language 00:00:02:18] for the most tech savvy. So you know help keep your elders with [foreign language 00:02:21] by phone, help them [foreign language 00:02:22] make sure all got any online informational need, TV with them [foreign language 00:02:25] right, [foreign language 00:02:27] check [foreign language 00:02:27] use. All them kinds of things.

So I think [foreign language 00:00:02:30] really important for me [foreign language 00:02:31] for help our elders and our families, [foreign language 00:02:34] especially because we, the generation at [foreign language 00:02:36] use them something, so we have to help them [foreign language 00:00:02:39] for make sure them [foreign language 00:02:39] right too.

Hope your [foreign language 00:02:40] staying safe, staying inside. Practising them social distancing rules and I wish [foreign language 00:00:02:46] all the best as well.

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Kantesha Takai offers some advice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities on what to do if you’re feeling sick, how to stay informed and connected, and how to help elders and families.