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Heya mob, my name is Bianca Hunt and I am a proud Kamilaroi, Barkindji, Ballardong and Wadjak woman, and proud co-host of Yokayi Footy.

I just wanted to jump on and say that I hope that everyone is safe during this time and looking after one another, especially from a distance.

And I wanted to note that as much as it’s really difficult to be staying isolated, it’s so important that we are staying in our households, because that is the safest place right now to ensure that this virus doesn’t spread any more.

I know that the idea of COVID can be a little bit daunting, but at the same time we’ve got to ensure that we’re doing what we can in order for our families, our communities and the rest of the nation, not only that but the world, are feeling really safe during this time, and that this virus will pass and that we will get through it faster if we are all listening to the new updates that are coming out from the government as each day goes by.

I’m currently living in Melbourne, but my family are actually from Brisbane.

So during the time that I have been living away, I have always utilised Face Time or Messenger, social media to keep in contact with my family and friends.

So now I’m kind of doing that more than ever, and I highly recommend that we are all contacting our family and our friends as much as possible through social media or through Face Time, or whatever kind of means possible in order to still stay connected, and feel a sense of community no matter what.

Because we are all in this together. We’re not alone, and it’s super important that we are ensuring that we are doing what we can in order for the rest of our people, and everyone else, to feel comfortable and safe during this time.

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Bianca Hunt is a proud Kamilaroi, Barkindji, Ballardong and Wadjak woman, and co-host of Yokayi Footy. Listen to her advice on why you should stay home and follow official updates, and how you can stay connected to your loved ones from a distance.