We can help stop the spread by keeping our distance
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Coronavirus is most likely to spread

Coronavirus inan Noonk woy ang; Ngap min min piiwamp.

From person to person

Pam, Wanch,  a Pook Many yeed ther’in

This means do not shake hands

Ma’ ka’ thothan

Or share cigarettes

Cheek moot ka’ aathan

Or share drinks

Ngak ka aathan (alcohol, soft drink)

Or play cards games

Nint Card’ Ka kare An

Katch- katch iian Pam wanch a puk  thaman.

Stay at least 1.5 metres away from others.

It’s also really important to practice good hygiene,

Ma’pungan soap’ang ngarr thon thon.

Especially after being in public places


Together we can help stop the spread

Ngamp Yortamangan inan yumpamp a ka noonka woyan Ka wee’dan thaamp.

& stay healthy

May min Mungkan

Date published: 
22 April 2020
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