Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Video – Rapid antigen tests

This animation, in English, provides general information about rapid antigen tests.


Rapid antigen tests, also known as RATs, are a quick way to test if you have COVID-19.

You can buy rapid antigen tests in pharmacies and supermarkets.

There are different types of rapid antigen tests you can use to check if you have COVID-19.

Some use your saliva, while others use a sample collected from inside your nose.

Each test works a little differently, so you must follow the instructions carefully to make sure you get an accurate result.

Results may take up to 30 minutes to show.

Remember, a test can only be used once.

To find out more about rapid antigen tests, call the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080, and press 8 if you need an interpreter.

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