Professor Tom Calma
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We need to look after our elders. We need to stay in contact, but not to go and visit them, but to talk to them over the phone, over the fence if that’s necessary.

If they can use internet, talk to them on Facebook or one of the other programs that we need to do.  That’s really important, make sure that they’re ok.

So, when you talk to your elders, ask them if they need anything. See if they’re ok, see if you can do anything to help them out.

Leave your groceries, leave their medicines or whatever you get for them on the front door.

What’s important, and we know this from a social and emotional wellbeing, is that isolation can have a really big impact on us.

We as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people we’re pretty tight amongst ourselves. So we’ve got to look at ways to still stay tight, but do that in isolation.

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Professor Tom Calma AO advises on how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can look after the Elders in their community.