Professor Marcia Langton
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What an extraordinary time it’s been, living through this COVID-19 pandemic and being in lockdown.

Well now the restrictions are being lifted bit by bit and it’s a relief to us, it’s certainly a relief to me, however, there is no guarantee that COVID-19 will go away.

There’s no guarantee that they’ll be a vaccine.

There might be a second wave, there might be more waves.

There’s’ always the possibility, as we come out of the restrictions, that we let our guard down and contract COVID-19 - it’s a very dangerous virus.

So, we’ve all learnt to wash our hands regularly, and to do so by taking time to wash our hands for twenty seconds at a time, to keep a one point five metre distance from other people, to get tested, to call our GP’s or our clinics to discuss our symptoms before attending.

To keep our houses clean, our cars clean and now we have to keep our workplaces clean, and that means sanitized so that everyone in our workplace, everyone in our social groups, we have people over for dinner, or a BBQ in the backyard to make sure that everyone’s safe.

So please everyone, keep up the good work with our COVID-19 practices   - washing our hands, social distancing, wiping down surfaces with disinfectant.

Don’t touch door handles without using a sanitary wipe, or keep them clean with disinfectant throughout the day and let’s all stay healthy.

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Professor Marcia Langton AM shares tips to help stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

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